Kids Ministry Volunteers

We are a family church with multiple generations coming through our doors. We want to help our kids get to know Jesus and the truth of God’s Word, but we need volunteers to help us do that! If you’re thinking, “I don’t think I know enough or really want to be in charge of a group of young kids,” we even have a way for you to help this ministry that’s not so interactive. Just help us check families in and greet at the doors! See below for a list of opportunities:

  • Hospitality and check-in
  • Elementary large and small group leaders: lead kids in K-5 through the songs and lessons during a Sunday service.
  • Early childhood leaders: we also have rooms on Sundays dedicated to the littles! We offer these spaces for kiddos as young as 6 months up through preschoolers.
  • Room helpers: middle and high schoolers as well as adults can be a presence in the room helping direct the kids and assist the leaders.

Youth Ministry Group Leaders

Our middle and high schoolers are in need of leaders like you to help them find their identity in Jesus in a world that’s lost. We have youth groups meeting across campuses on different weeknights. If you’re interested in leading these evenings and training up the next generation, please reach out to Pastor Caleb “Cable” Carr or Marshall Brady.

worship & tech team

Join our worship team or learn production and work behind the scenes! We provide a live worship experience at every campus and need multiple musicians, vocalists, and tech people to help make this possible.

Worship Team
We are always looking for musicians and vocalists with a passion for worship and proclaiming Jesus. Email Jess Isler if you’d be interested in auditioning.

Production (I don’t want to be on stage but want to help behind the scenes)
We also need people to help run cameras, sound, and the images on the screens. If you’re interested in this aspect of Sunday mornings, reach out to Paul Mitro or Dan Endress.

Hospitality team

Nothing says “Welcome!” like someone, well, saying “Welcome!”

As we recover from a time of separation and isolation, we need a team of people to make our church a home. Just as you prepare your home to welcome guests, we have several things we do to make our church hospitable. See if any of these strike a chord with you:

Sunday morning greeting team: grab a name badge, pick a spot to stand, and offer a smile and greeting to those walking in. It’s that easy! And it goes a long way.

Ushers: once people are in the building and looking for a seat, it’s always nice to have someone help them out, particularly if they are new. It only takes a few moments but makes a world of difference to a family who just rushed in.

Communion team: we typically celebrate communion once a month, and it takes a small team of people to ready the elements for hundreds of people across multiple locations. This would be a monthly commitment of a few hours.

security team

If you have a heart for protecting others and possess skills pertinent to safety or medical issues that arise, this may be the perfect ministry for you.

Is your interest primarily in safety/security or medical?
If medical, are you currently active in the medical field (doctor, nurse, EMT, etc.)?
If safety and security, are you active or former law enforcement, corrections officer, or security guard?
Any other special skills, training, or qualifications relative to safety and security?
Email answers to the above and your interest to Security Team Director Brad Gill.

sports ministry coaches

What an opportunity we have to reach people for Jesus through sports! Our ministry slogan is to “know Jesus and have fun!” We are passionate about developing our God-given skills, staying physically fit, and pursuing God. We are looking for:

  • Male and female youth basketball coaches
  • Male and female youth soccer coaches
  • Hospitality help at various sports clinics, tournaments, camps, and leagues throughout the year

We have devotional and prayer times during our programs. This is a great way to mentor the next generation in their faith while engaging in a fun and healthy activity!